Changing Submission Type: Paper to Poster

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. I have a question regarding the submission and paper peer review workflow for a conference.

Initially, the author submitted their work as a paper, but both the reviewers and the judge believe it would be more suitable as a poster presentation.

What is the recommended procedure for changing a submission from a paper to a poster? Should the judge reject the paper, and should the author then create a new submission for the poster, or is there a more straightforward way to make this adjustment within the Indico system?

Thank you for your guidance.

Is this about the Editing module? Because Peer Reviewing does not have different types.

In any case, rejecting and asking to resubmit in the right category is the way to go if this is about the editing module.

Thanks for you prompt reply. its part of the Paper Peer Reviewing module.

What “submission types” do you mean then? Can you provide a screenshot?

Submission types are paper and poster.
I changed the type from ‘paper’ to ‘poster’ on the contribution page.

This has absolutely no meaning as far as the reviewing modules etc. are concerned. It’s just opaque metadata for humans.