CfA/CfP "Reply To" dropdown options

I’ve inherited an Indico 2.0.3 install which the previous admin recently upgraded from 1.x. The end users (event organizers) are going through their first Conference using 2.x and have some questions about changes in behaviour that I can’t answer yet. I have zero familiarity with Indico 1.x and only a little with 2.x, so far. I’ve tried looking through the docs at and but haven’t been able to find an answer to our most immediate question.

We’re trying to set the Reply-To dropdown in the Call for Abstract submission notifications. In 1.x the organizers had a submissions@ email address that was used to send out abstract-related email. Since they can’t alter the From address on a per-event or per-notification basis anymore we’re trying to get that into the Reply-To drop-down menu where it can be selected.

It looks like maybe we can add another email address to what is already at Conference’s Settings -> Additional Info -> Contact/Support. Given that has only one space for a title, but two spaces for email addresses, it’s not clear what other side-effects that might have, and I’m hesitant to experiment since they’ve got registration open already. Would that be the right place to add this? Or would adding an email address there have side-effects elsewhere in the event? If that’s not the correct place to do this, what is?

We also note an apparent inconsistency that some Indico administrators (Administration -> User Management -> Admins) appear in the Reply-To drop-down in a CfA notification settings, but not all. I can’t find any indication of what the differences in the configuration of those users might be. Any suggestions of why that might be inconsistent would be helpful.

Thanks very much for any help that can be provided!

Usually the email dropdowns contain these people:

  • you (since you have access to manage the event, even if it’s just because you are an admin)
  • the user who created the event
  • the managers of the event
  • the email address listed as the “contact” address for the event
  • the chairpersons of the event
  • whoever is currently selected, regardless if he’s still connected to the event

And that would be the email address at the event’s Settings -> Additional Info -> Contact/Support? What happens if we list a second email address there, in that field? Are there other places in the event those addresses are used automatically, or an additional address placed there have no effect until selected, elsewhere?

Yes, all email addresses listed there (one per line!) will be available.

The logic which email address to use as a sender/reply-to is not 100% consistent so it’s better if you ask about any explicit place. It’s easy to check in the code but hard to tell on the fly.

Fantastic! I think I know what I’m doing now. Thanks so much for your help!