Can't set track or contribution type when accpeting an abstract

I’m an event administrator. Despite what’s reported in the user guide here, in my abstract judging box there’s no option for selecting the track and the contribution type:

I searched for possibly misconfigured options but I couldn’t find any related one (I’m new to event management so sorry for any dumb mistake I might be making). Can anyone help me with this?

Did you define any tracks / contribution types? If not, those fields are removed since they would be pointless.

Yes I think I correctly set up both:
(see also next post)

Are those tracks or track groups? The latter cannot be selected.

I’m not sure (a colleague created them), but clicking on the edit button this is what comes out:

so I’d say they are tracks.

yes, those are tracks…

which indico version are you using? i think we once had a bug that caused those fields to not be shown, but that was fixed in the next release

I am using v3.2.6.

There we go…

Version 3.2.7

Released on August 02, 2023


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  • Fix conditional fields remaining hidden in abstract judgment form (#5873)

You should update to the latest release v3.2.9 (or ask your admin to update)!

Nice, I hit precisely that bug… Thank you very much for your support, @ThiefMaster !