Call for Abstracts without INDICO account

Hi all,

We’d like to prepare a “call for abstracts” for an astro-particle meeting we are organising:

We realised however that only users with an INDICO account are able to submit an abstract. In other sections, e.g. “Registration”, managers are allowed to specify whether or not such an INDICO account is needed. For the “Call for Abstracts” instead we were not able to find out this non-login requirement option.

Please, we need help to understand know how to allow for such an open abstract submission, that is, without having to necessarily create an INDICO account.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hello there,

Unfortunately that’s not possible at all. An abstract has to be tied to a submitter/author by definition. It’s a design choice that has been done right at the beginning of the project.

Unrelated to your question, but these two logos are embedded via HTTP on your event site:

This results in a “mixed content” warning in modern browsers.

Since they don’t seem to be available via HTTPS, it’d be best if you uploaded them to your event using the “Images” feature in the management area.

@pferreir, @ThiefMaster,

Thanks for your answers. I understand then it is useless to try to find out another way, attendants to the meeting will have to create in any case an INDICO account if they don’t have one already.

For the two embedded logos, you are right ThiefMaster, uploading as an image is the way to go. Thanks for the tip!