Bulk actions on the contribution list view



If I am looking at the list of contributions of an event (URL: {event}/manage/contributions ), is it possible to carry out bulk actions on selected abstracts such as assigning them into particular sessions, tracks, or modify the duration?



Thanks to @kolodzie 's reply to Number of reviews by each reviewer and with some trial and error, I have now figured out how to select the contributions I want via Indico shell. Not being much good with Python, I can’t figure out how to carry out a change on the contributions listed.

Contribution.query.filter(Contribution.type_id == <id of the contribution type>).all()

I can see that there is a “duration” option in the API for Contributions but I can’t figure out how to see it and set it using Indico shell.




assuming that contributions holds the result of the aforementioned expression, it is enough to run the following code to e.g. modify duration of all selected contributions:

from datetime import timedelta

for contribution in contributions:
    contribution.duration = timedelta(hours=1)



Brilliant, thanks!!!


To answer my own question in full in case it is useful to someone else:

Make a list of a particular type of contributions:

invitedtalks = Contribution.query.filter(Contribution.type_id == <id of contribution type>).all()

To see the duration of the contributions

for talk in invitedtalks:
    print(talk, str(talk.duration))

To change it and see the change after it has been applied

from datetime import timedelta

for talk in invitedtalks:
    talk.duration = timedelta(minutes=30)
    print(talk, str(talk.duration))

To commit to the database