Booking: black screen

After upgrade to 2.3 my users report that booking link is not working: black screen with infinitely turning circle. I tried, and verified that all works. Then I changed my language to Ukrainian (default for most of our users), and see that black screen. To fix the problem I did the following:

  1. updated indico to the latest version 2.3.1
  2. reinstalled uk_UA locale: on dev system issued
    tx pull -f -l uk_UA; indico i18n compile-catalog; indico i18n compile-catalog-react
    and copied created LC_MESSAGES directory to the production system
  3. cleared browser cache
  4. touch "/web/indice.wsgi, to be sure, restarted apache, redis and celery

The result is the same: for all available languages but Ukrainian booking works, for Ukrainian - infinitely turning circle on black screen.

Please, help!


Any errors in the JS console?

 Uncaught (in groupOptions: {} namespace object:1070  promise) Error: Cannot find module './uk-ua' 
    at  groupOptions: {} namespace object:1070
    at async p (date.js:42)
    at async https:/events.…ee3159.bundle.js:80

Does it work if you call the locale just uk instead of uk-UA? The momentjs locale is called uk so trying to load uk-ua fails :confused:

You mean, just rename uk_UA directory to uk in translations? Or recompile all of them?

Renaming should be enough

probably not enouth. Restarted wsgi, cleared cache directory and browser cache, still the same message, looking for uk-ua

Try switching languages to english and back, otherwise uk-ua is still in y our session.

Thanks! It worked!