Book of Abstracts Settings

I’m trying to make available a book of abstracts and I was expecting a Book of Abstracts Settings in the “Call for Abstracts” area in the administration of the event.

But I only have

  • The call for abstracts is closed
  • Submission
  • Fields and types
  • Reviewing
  • List of abstracts (with 26 abstracts accepted)

I think it’s missing the “Book of Abstracts” settings in this area.

If I enable the Book of Abstracts in the menu and try to download the Book of abstracts from the frontend i got an " Not Found - The page you are looking for doesn’t exist."

What is wrong in here.

Thanks in advance.

sounds like latex pdf functionality isn’t enabled in your instance. if you installed texlive at some point you may need to add the path to it in indico.conf.

see for details

Thanks, That was the problem because I’ve installed textlive directly from the system.