Book of Abstract - A Space Between name and ;


at the moment in the automatic generated book of abstract, the list of author/co-authors the is always a have after the name and the ; for example: Authors: John Doe ; Mark Zuckerberg ; …

i was asked by the users if it possible to delte the space between the lastname and the ; in a next version of indico. As far as i see it it i cant just customize it witohut creating a fork…

By the way don´t ask me why it is so important, it is a request from the management board department :sweat_smile:

Sounds indeed very ugly! If it’s still the case in 2.3-dev we’ll fix it there for the 2.3 release. In the meantime the easiest solution for you would be to patch the template directly on your already-deployed instance.

Here’s the fix:

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