BigBlueButton plugin

Hello there,
I wrote a videoconference BigBlueButton plugin.
BBB is an opensource videoconference system with a number of great features (including api), oriented on online teaching but quite suitable for seminars and conferences, too.
The plugin code is available here:
Features already done: creating and configuring rooms, starting and joining sessions, pre-uploading presentation files, managing recordings (view, delete).
Any feedback is welcome (sorry for not perfect code, I am not a programmer).



I only have a very short glance, but you need a .gitignore file that ignores e.g. the dist, build and *.egg-info folders as those are just generated files that do not belong in the repo. You could copy the standard python gitignore.

Also, chances are good that your plugin does not work with indico 2.0 (and nobody should be using that version anymore anyway) - so indico>=2.0 should probably be indico>=2.3 in

Thanks for your remarks, I will fix them soon. This is a test version, so it may contain other issues.

Made suggested changes and cleaned up some trash.

Thanks a lot for this valuable contribution!

Version 1.3. Fixed some unicode-related errors