Best practices and necessary steps on adding/modifying tables in the Indico DB

If I need to modify/add a table inside PostgreSQL, due to a Plugin design requiring that, how do I go about doing that in a “best practices” way? Thanks

You can’t modify any existing tables. Please explain what you are trying to do and most likely we can suggest you a better solution.

For adding tables have a look at some of our existing plugins how it’s done there.

I have to create a Plugin that deals with creating/managing Invoices, and naturally, I want to store any related data inside a new Table of the Indico DB.

OK, a new table makes sense for that.

How urgently do you need this feature btw? We’ll most likely work on a feature to create invoices at some point next year, but if you need something simple within the next few months then your plugin is a good idea.

Deadline is EOY :frowning: But I’d gladly “port” over to your solution next year :slight_smile:

Thank you @ThiefMaster - you are an extremely valuable resource to this community!