Automated .tex,.docx, etc to .pdf after uploaded

I have installed indico 3.1.1 and Latex according to production installation instructions. All works well. I am expecting when upload .tex file or .docx file, the indico system will automatically convert to pdf but that doesn’t happen.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

There is no automated PDF conversion. On CERN indico we use a custom plugin for this that uses a commercial tool (running on custom infrastructure) for it; but we may create a plugin that integrates with a cloud-based conversion service in the (near) future.

Many thanks for making this clear. I do see the same answer back to 2019, but just thought that might already changed. I would suggest that should be in the Indico doc. Because I already install the Latex packages, there must be a way to use a local script to achieve the conversion although not a good software architecture in this case.

The latex packages are for generating PDFs from Indico content (such as the Book of Abstracts), not for compiling custom tex files.

And sure, you could write a custom plugin. Running a TeX compiler on completely arbitrary content from your users seems like a terrible idea from a security point of view though :wink:

Excellent point, agree and thanks,