Attendees in the Indico App

At the Indico check-in app we can find the list of attendees. The problem for us is that it shows all registrations, the approved and cancelled participants as well. For the check-in app we only need the approved registrations. Is there any chance to change the list of attendees?

We are currently working on a brand-new checkin app (planned to be released together w/ Indico v3.3 later this year) which will be much better. I know for sure we keep multiple registration forms separate, and I’m quite certain we show at least a warning if a registration is in a “bad” state (ie anything but complete or unpaid).

cc @troun

Great to hear :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi, just wanted to expand on Adrian’s answer, in the new app we currently show all registered participants regardless of the registration status (complete, withdrawn, etc…) and I think in general it’s probably what you’d expect but we could certainly make the participants visually distinct depending on the registration status and have some option to filter based on the registration and/or check-in status.

Also as Adrian pointed out, in the new app we currently show the registration status for each participant together with other information as well.


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Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the elaboration!
We will be happy to work with the updated app.