Association between registered users and contributions

Dear Sirs,

in a Conference registered users can submit a contribution becoming “submitter”.
Each contribution has a list of associated users (submitter, speaker, primary author and coauthors).

It would be interesting, from the list of registered users, to have an action which operate on a selected user and give, for that user the list of contribution s/he appears in.

In each contribution the list of associated users should be interactive such as for each users it would be interesting to see if s/he is registered or not, and if registered, see all the other contribution s/he is involved in.

For example in the menu “Contribution” → “Author List” it appears the author list, and it would be interesting to have the information about registered/not registered user and the number of his contributes.

And exporting this list we could create our reports or send e-mail to the authors of specific contributes.

best regards

Hi, we don’t show this in the author list (since for authors who aren’t speakers this doesn’t seem particularly relevant), but for speakers in the contribution list itself this information is displayed:


Dear Adrian,

thank you for your kind reply. Possibly what I am asking is simply not feasible or nonsense to you, but I will try to be as clear as I can.

Whilst a submitter must register to a given event in order to submit an abstract and eventually a paper, any other author involved in the same paper does not have to. A submitter may be an author, but may be not either. Submitter have to specify who is who, that is, who is speaker, author or co-author, including email and affiliation, in a given contribution. On the other hand, a person does not need to submit anything in order to register to the event. These variables imply two different datasets (Contributions/Registration) which affect the overall management of the event at different levels. For this reason, a certain degree of interoperability is needed to retrieve complete information from both datasets, if a single one cannot be created. We should be able to:

  1. Check participation in contributions (e.g. per full name, where first and last name are two different fields) associated with registration information (Registration ID);

  2. verify how many contributions (contribution ID) are related to a given author/co-author/speaker; and how many authors/co-authors/speaker have actually their registration completed/awaiting for payments (status);

  3. send personalized messages to a selected group of users, e.g presenter and/or authors of (a) given paper(s)

  4. Organise at least an author list if not an index, for instance exporting the authors list

Hope this will help.