Assets.custom and customization


What is the asset.custom and how it affects the customization of templates?
Could you please post some examples?.
I need to customize the default email messages submitted to meeting participants.

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assets.custom is only relevant if you want to include e.g. a custom image in your template. There’s actually an example for this in the docs:

If you just want to customize emails, you most likely won’t need that (many email clients don’t load external images anyway). Simply enable customization debug to see which template gets used when a certain email gets sent and then customize/replace it using the customization system.

Thank you for the quick reply.
In which file is generated the log set with CUSTOMIZATION_DEBUG???.

It goes to indico.log

Again, thank you for your reply

Just to be sure, if one need to customize a message such as the one generated by
registration_creation_to_registrant.html, the full path of the customized template must be:



CUSTOMIZATION_DIR = ‘/opt/indico/custom’


Do we need any other setting?.



No, that path doesn’t look correct. There should be a different path shown in the debug message…

Hi again:

Here the line in the log for the template we would like to customize:

2018-12-10 14:01:09,352  DEBUG    b25f4454925a429a  indico.customization
Customizable: core/events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html
(original: /opt/indico/.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/indico/modules/events/registration/templates/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html,
reference: ~events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html)

So the path to the custom template must be:





Almost! CUSTOMIZATION_DIR would most likely be something like /opt/indico/custom, so the path to put the template would be: /opt/indico/custom/templates/core/events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html

Thank you for your advice, I was able to customize the message.

Best regards!


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