Apache still load the default home page after installing indico

I bought a VPS running Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and gave them a subdomain to use it to configure the VPS. After installing indico onto the VPS (indico.unitechsolutions.online) the site does not load the indico like it used to in a Virtual box but rather still loads the default home page from the hosting provider. I am not sure what is wrong.
I installed indico through apache though both apache and nginx are available on the server.
Thank you.

That VPS has a classic web hosting control panel (Plesk) installed. Install a clean (often called “minimal”) image on the server and you won’t have any trouble. We can’t really help you with an environment that’s managed by another tool.

Thank you @ThiefMaster on this topic, I asked the VPS provider to setup the server raw which they did and I have setup indico with a subdomain. All is well.