Allowing imagemaps


I am currently working on allowing imagemaps (from rich editors only).
2 questions regarding upstreaming this:

  1. In the bleach filters(indico/util/ 2 attributes are missing for this to work: coords and usemap, while area and map are already allowed. Should I just provide a core pull request or can this be done from a plugin
  2. indico/web/client/js/legacy/libs/indico/Core/Widgets/RichText.js needs also some adjustment. Again can this get incooperated into core or do I need to keep in my version?

Are imagemaps still used and not deprecated? I don’t think they are really important, but I don’t see any harm in them either (assuming bleach properly escapes targets so you can’t use javascript: and similar urls).

So I’m ±0 on allowing them in the core. Regarding the ckeditor change, I’d need to know what exactly you plan to change there…

Since it’s a simple change maybe just send a PR against the 3.0.x branch for it - if it works nicely and doesn’t add any problems, I probably wouldn be OK with accepting it in the core…

I created Allow imagemaps in advanced RichText editors by bpedersen2 · Pull Request #5027 · indico/indico · GitHub.