Allowing access with ip?

We intend to set indico service for local network only, so we prepared no domain name (and we do not have a local dns).
I noticed accessing with ip (without domain name) is not allowed by indico, is there a way to remove that limitation?

What error do you get? I’d expect accessing Indico via an IP address to work if you configure it in the BASE_URL and any other places that reference the hostname (e.g. the webserver config).

Do you mean use ip address as BASE_URL? I used local domain xxx as BASE_URL, but disabled the httpd 301 redirect, then accessed with ip. Web returned something like “sorry, indico can only be accessed with domain name xxx”.

Yes, the base url must match what you use in the URL. so e.g. if that’s what you use to access indico.

Yes it worked! Fancy, never thought ip could pass as {HTTP_HOST} in httpd.