Allow attachment to be mandatory in the abstract submission settings


I am setting a conference on indico v2.3 with a Call for Abstracts. Submitters should submit their abstract in the form of a document (preferably a pdf). I do not think it is possible to make the “Allow attachments” option mandatory. In principle, it would be nice to allow a given type (pdf) and maximum size (2MB max.)


Unrelated to your suggestion, but do you REALLY use v2.3 and not e.g. v3.2? If yes, you are using an obsolete version running on an unsupported/obsolete Python version and most likely on an operating system that reaches end of life soon. You (or rather your admin) MUST upgrade as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the tip! I have asked my admin to upgrade our indico. Would be still happy having that feature I described above :slight_smile: