Agreements in registration forms


is there a way to automatically display (selected) agreements in the registration directly?
From what I have seen up to now, they can currently only be shown at a later stage/sent by email.

It would be nice if agreement requests are also show once one is logged into indico as a notification.
(if there are hints how to implement it, I would try to write something.)


The agreement system isn’t really linked to a registrant so doing that would be a bit tricky - especially with all the legacy frontend code involved with the current registration form.

What’s your usecase? GDPR consent? Because that’s something which would probably be better implemented directly in the registration system and not by going through the agreements module…

The use case would be to implement some fixed agreements (currently we need to insert this manually into every registration form) for e.g. photo usage. It would be Ok if this is displayed only after successful registration.

OK, after registration makes this easier. If it was OK to just send it by email and not display it immediately it probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement this in a plugin using the agreements module!

Yes, that part is already done (except for the automatic email sending). One idea I have is a set of signals:
One to trigger sending the email on new registrations (I did not yet check what is already available), one to get a list of pending agreements for a user to render them as notifications / “alerts”. Does that sound reasonable?