Adding Tracking Code (Pixel Codes) for Twitter and Facebook to an Event Registration Page

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering how I can add tracking codes (Pixel Codes) for Twitter and Facebook to an event registration page. These codes allow us to measure the effectiveness of our online marketing efforts for a specific event.

Thank you in advance.

From a privacy point of view this is not great - at least if you want to include tracking pixels from social media companies in Indico.

  • Indico does not (and will never) let event organizers add arbitrary scripts or similar active content in case you need those for your tracking. This would be a security nightmare.
  • Inserting external images is be possible in some places on the registration page such as the “Introduction” text (it supports markdown) so if you really want to do this, that may be your best option. Note that you MUST put some real text there as well or it will look very bad (seemingly empty info box)

You could also use a tool like Piwik/Matomo (we have an Indico plugin for a nice integration), this would let you get statistics based on things such as http referers. It would be the most privacy-friendly way to achieve what you want.

Thank you for your quick reply. @ThiefMaster
We have a social media campaign for our conference on Facebook and Twitter, and we need to track registrations coming from our social media Facebook and Twitter.