Adding subtracks

Dear Community members,

I have just started to test the Indico conference tool, It seems quite understandable however I have quesiton regarding Subtracks.
I was wondering whether it is possible to add subtracks to Tracks (Programme)?

Thank you.


Not yet. But in Indico 2.3 you will have “track groups”, which means you can group tracks under a group (which basically ends up being the same kind of thing, if I understand your use case correctly).

Yes, I got it, basically it is exactly what I meant.
Thank you for answer.
When the Indico 2.3. will be released?

We’re doing our best to finish it by the end of March, but it may take a few weeks more to have it stabilized and publicly released. So, I wouldn’t count on it before end of April.

Thank you @pferreir for prompt answers.

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