Adding read more link in a page


I have created a conference event in my indico; I want to add a page with a long text but to create a read more link in the page using the source and let visitors choose to read more. I tried to use some HTML code but it does not work. Is it possible to create a read more link in Indico? if yes, how?

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m kind of curious why you would want to do that. The page is there already when you open it - what’s the point of requiring another click?

@ThiefMaster, We have Key Messages on that page, and we’ll add like 3-4 speeches. Without read more links, the page would be long. In each speech, we have the image of the speaker and his/her title, and then his/her speech. So my idea is to display 2 paragraphs for each speaker and then add a read more link.

Any reason against creating multiple custom pages, and possibly linking between them?

I had no idea I could do that. Can you explain more on how to do that or provide any guide?

Just create the pages, then copy the URL and add a link on the other page…