Add registered participant as a speaker


I am a beginner with Indico and I am facing some issues related to registered participants and speakers for the event that we are organizing.

We have a registration form that allows people without Indico account to register. So far, so good. We are now creating the timetable and would like to set some of the participants as speakers for their contribution. When a given participant has an Indico account, then they appear normally in the search dialog that appears when adding speakers to a contribution. However, when the participant does not have an Indico account, then they don’t appear in the search results.

It looks like we need to manually add the speakers through the “Enter manually” dialog. This does not feel really convenient, because

  • we need to copy all the information manually from the registration form;
  • speakers will appear “twice” in the system, once as registered participant, and once as speaker;
  • if a person updates their registration, then the update will not be propagated to the contribution.

My question is the following: what are we missing in order to set a registered participant as a speaker?

We must be doing something wrong, but I cannot find what. Or maybe I have the wrong mental model of how Indico is supposed to operate. Anyway, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

I hope my question makes sense, please tell me if it does not.

I wish you a pleasant day.

Currently there is no feature to “copy” registrants to speakers (“event persons” / “participant roles”) (or indico users).

Typically, registered participants are people who attending the event, but not actively marking a presentation etc - those speakers often have an Indico account (or are entered manually, often before general registration for an event even opens).

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Thank you for your quick reply! I guess we will have to manually copy the information from the participants then.

So does that means if you add their info as speakers, there’s no need for them to register as participant again?

That depends. It you want to have them as registrants, e.g. to print badges or because they need to pay or because you want to include them in bulk emails you send to registrants or because you want them to show up in a public participant list, they’ll have to register.

If not, then there is no need for them to be registered.

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