<< Add link to materials in menu >>


I would like to add a folder with all the participant certificates to INDICO.

I found that I could use the conference materials for that. The problem is that as there are a lot of certificates, they will hijack the main conference page.

So, I thought that maybe I could add a menu with a link to the materials (that will be hidden from the mains page) but I don’t know the link to add.

Is it possible to do something for this?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think we show it anywhere but you can easily get the folder URL by removing the last two path segments from the URL to view just that folder:

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Using your idea worked. Now I have to wonder how to organize them.


You may also want to take the participant’s privacy into account - I would not expect a publicly shared folder for something like this.

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Yes, I added that the folders will be hidden and protected. Only the registered participants can access them.