Add create new contributions to "session coordinator"

In our instance, would it be possible to “add” some privileges to the Session Coordinator role per chance?

The “Session Coordinator” role does 80% of what we would like, it would be fantastic if we could enable the session coordinators to also create new contributions in their session block(s).

The comments in session_coordinator_priv_enabled clearly state what it supported today.

We would like those coordinators to be sandboxed in their session block but have the ability to fill it in with their own new contributions.

Is that something that could be ‘tweaked’?

It is already possible to let session coordinators create Contributions/Breaks within their session blocks. If you are using Indico 2.0 you should be able to find settings for that in Event Management Area -> Protection -> Session coordinator rights

Thank you for your prompt reply. We have been really enjoying adopting Indico so far!

We have indeed enabled the Session coordinator rights under
Event Management Area -> Protection -> Session coordinator rights

That enables them to pick from existing contributions to schedule them in their session block.

They can create new breaks. We would like for our session coordinators to be able to also create new contributions. Is that meant to be supported? Right now when a session coordinator

We are running 2.0.3. (of course we know we should upgrade, we simply have not gotten around to it).

Right now, the session coordinators get presented with an empty list of unscheduled contributions for their session. We would like them to get the regular “add contribution” (create new contribution) instead when no unscheduled contribution are present.

This is the view a session coordinator gets when clicking
Add new > Contribution in our instance right now.

Is there something we could do to give them the “create new contribution” UI instead?

Dear @kolodzie, Any chance you could point us in the right direction? Many thanks in advance.

Dear @glunardi, first off, sorry for my very late reply. The answer to your problem is quite simple. In order to allow users to create a new contribution within a session you need to grant them manager rights of that session. You can do this by going to Management Area -> Sessions and clicking on a little shield on the right side of each row in the table. Hope that helps!

Thank you again for the great work on Indico. Our call for abstracts is now opened and we have over 40 submissions in.

At least 12 of these are becoming sessions that will have dedicated managers.

Right now we have assigned them as “Manager” indeed.

I was hoping there would be a way to have all the Coordinator right plus just the ability to create new contributions for that session. You seem to be confirming that is not a behavior we can enable just through the UI.

Probably our next step is then to look at a small patch to achieve that in our instance.

Let’s just clarify something, you assigned them the management rights on the session not the event itself, right?

Absolutely. Here is what we do today when such an abstract is accepted:

  1. The conference admins (us) create a new session;
  2. We create a new group (the group name matches the session);
  3. Users meant to only manage this session are added to this group;
  4. Then the group is added a session manager for that session only.

None of these users have any other privileges, system-wide or for this particular conference.

Excuse me, but I am a little bit confused right now. Allowing session coordinators to add new contributions is just a matter of making them also managers of the same session. What is the problem then? Is it that you want to limit it only to adding contributions and nothing more?

What we would love to be able to give them is 100% of the current coordinator privileges plus the ability to create new contributions for that session.

As I tried to state here in the first post:

If I can try to summarize here what would be great for us:

We wish for our session coordinators to be able to:

  • Create new contributions for their session block(s);
  • Create new breaks for their session block(s);
  • Arrange contributions inside their session block(s).

We wish for our session coordinators to NOT be able to:

  • Create new session blocks;
  • Modify existing session blocks (change duration, move, etc.).

That is very similar to what current Session Coordinators can do. They are just lacking the ability to create a new contribution.

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Wanted to add that session contributors already have the necessary privileges to create new breaks.

So I imagine that means they can create new objects in the DB for the session, etc.

But they can not create new contributions (the UI presented to them is always the pick list for existing contributions, even if it is empty).

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Ok, I see now. I will talk about it with the team and see what we can do. Thanks a lot for your thorough explanation.

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Looking forward to reading back from you.

So far nothing terrible has happened but I can imagine some of our session coordinators might go rogue (that kind of people :wink:).

:smile: Merci beaucoup, thank you very much @kolodzie

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A quick note that we have sort of work around this issue for the time being (2018 event).

In order to be able to only provide our “session coordinators” with “session coordinators” role, we are creating a new track for each session, and make every session go through a call for abstract to submit/create contributions.

The “session coordinators” are also now have the Abstract Reviewing “Reviewers” and “Conveners” roles for that particular track. That means they can accept proposed abstracts (and therefore create contributions).

@glunardi I am very sorry I haven’t replied with any news but I completely forgot about this thread (I was on vacation and it must have slipped out of my mind). Apparently we already have an issue on Github related to the very same problem. You can track the updates on it here

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