Add an event to the android checkin app

I can not add an event to the android checkin app with indico 2.0a1 (i have not tried any other version).
After scanning the qr-code, a new window with a navigation bar on top opens.
The url in the bar contains &redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2F

in Administration -> Integration -> Applications -> Checkin App
"Allowed authorization callback URLs" is not customizable (it is grayed out)

how do i add an event to the checkin app?

The http://localhost URI is correct; it’s a mobile app after all that does not run on a specific host/URL.

Could you try deleting all app data/cache? That fixed the problem for someone else who reported it on github recently? Reinstalling the app might help too since that’ll also erase all app data.

deleting the app cache / reinstalling the app unfortunately did not work.
i have made a video illustrating the problem:

according to
the android app does not contact the indico server. i am running android 7.0 on an lg phone

May we see the content of the QR Code (you can maybe hide the secret token)?

    	"date": "2017-11-08T10:00:00+00:00",
    	"event_id": 2,
    	"server": {
    		"auth_url": "",
    		"base_url": "",
    		"token_url": ""
    	"title": "Test Konferenz",
    	"version": 1

Make sure the mobile phone used can reach your indico instance (it seems like it is a non-public test instance).

The flow is:

  1. Scan QR-code
  2. access the auth-url ( on initial access a browser window will open the indico login page)
  3. redirect to localhost (from that the app will ick up the authenication token)
  4. The app now uses the rest api to download the conference details etc.
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Is this maybe related to not yet merged and released? Indico2 already uses the new data layout.

Yes, that is probably the cause. We really have to update the mobile app!

Where do you get the event QR? My registration interface looks different than yours.

You need to click “manage” to view that registration form’s management area.

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Ohh. Yes. Found it! Thanks a ton. :heart: