Add a google map URL in the room booking module

Hi how can I add a google map in the room booking module?
I tired the following but not work for me.
Tileserver URL{x},{y},{z}

We no longer support Google maps.

Check on how to run your own tileserver with e.g. OpenStreetMap data instead. The end result will actually be better, since that way you can for example nicely highlight information relevant to the areas where your rooms are.

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Thank you for the advice.

I am beginner with indico, I just want to show the map in the room booking.
Is there a way just to show the google map or any other map (

https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png might work. But AFAIK you are not supposed to link to them directly for production usage.

Thanks, i used this link and it work perfect.{z}/{x}/{y}.png

Please make sure to read the policies this particular tile server has:

There’s also a link to other tile servers, both free and commercial ones.

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