2 Indico processes in Ubuntu

Hi guys,

I finally figured out a way to debug Indico easily in Visual Studio Code (I might even be able to do remote debugging, from any env (Windows, Linux, Mac) into Indico’s env, but I’m still testing it). One small annoyance is that when I start Indico, I see 2 processes associated with it, and I am not sure which process to attach to (so I randomly try both and one always works fine):

Any idea why there are 2 processes?
If this is normal - any idea which process I should attach to?


that’s because of the reloader of the flask dev server. if you don’t need the reloader, you can pass --reloader none when running the dev server.

Thank you @ThiefMaster!!! Without this option, PTVSD (the remote Python debugger that works with Visual Studio Code) was doing all kinds of weird things (now I understand why - cause the Indico process was reloading itself!). This seems to have fixed and stabilized things!