2.1: no help/documentation menu

I realize that the help or documentation menu that existed at some point in the 2.0 alpha/beta is no longer present in 2.1 (but may disappeared before). Is there a good reason not to link to the documentation site (https://learn.getindico.io) from the main menu bar as it is SO BETTER than nothing. Or do you recommend another way of enabling it?

BTW, is there any good reason why:


But we do link to learn.getindico.io in the footer…

talk.getindico.io is not really targetting end users (whoever manages an indico instance should do end user support for their userbase!), so we don’t link to it from within indico

Sorry I missed it! I tend not to read the footer! May be I’m somehow a typical user! Why not to keep it also in the menu bar (it’s good to have it in the footer as the menu bar is not present in every page). Or in the top/right button always present. I tend to think that this documentation deserves a better exposure…

My 2 other remarks were not about Indico itself but the http://getindico.io site. I think that documentation should also be very visible on this site, in the main menu bar. And that t would be good to have a link to talk.getindico.io somewhere (but not on the main page, I agree, on this site). Google is giving the url if requested, so there is probably no point at trying to keep it secret!