Zoom meeting as Room

I’d like to have a zoom meeting show up as the location. Preferably with ‘Zoom meeting’ as anchor text. The zoom meeting already exists, so indico does not need to create it.
I fail to see how to do this. I searched the forum and found a post suggesting to create a room associated my zoom meeting, but that is only ok if it is some recurring meeting. Furthermore, to add a new room like this, you need to add lots of info like the floor it is located on, etc, that are all non-relevant.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

We have no plans to support Zoom meetings as bookable rooms in the room booking module. This wouldn’t make much sense anyway, since a Zoom meeting is not something permanent (unlike a physical room).

However, the Zoom plugin (currently in beta) will allow you to create Zoom rooms from within Indico which are then displayed as a videoconference room in the event. For now, I’d just add the link to the Zoom meeting e.g. in the event description (be careful about the passcode though if the event is public!)

OK, thanks for your answer. I already did that, but I thought it would be nicer if it was in the header section. I’ll wait for the completion of the plugin for that.

Or use the vc-simple plugin (https://github.com/bpedersen2/indico-plugin-vc-simple) which allows to just add an URL (plus additional text for e.g. the passcode) and can limit visibility of the link to registered participants.