You are not allowed to create events in this category


I am completely new using the indico software and I just installed the raw version of it. When I tried to create a conference, it shows the error “You are not allowed to create events in this category”, even though they created this account as admin. How can I change this for a specific user?

If you are logged in as an admin (ie you have the “Administration” link in the top menu), then you should always have the ability to create events in any category, unless that category contains subcategories (nobody can create events in such categories at the moment).

Can you confirm that you do see this menu item?

Unfortunately I don’t see the Administration link. So how can I give the someone the rights as admin, given that I have access to the source code?

OK, so you are not logged in as an admin user.

Use indico user grant_admin XXX on the command line, with XXX being your user ID.
You can list all users in the DB with indico user search -e '@' --substring and copy the correct user id from there.