Videoconference rooms (Zoom) display on timetable page

For an (ongoing this week) collaboration meeting (700+ attendees, about 40 parallel sessions) we have liked a lot the possibility to generate and associate Zoom sessions to each parallel meeting. But, passing that information onto the participants has been a bit complicated as the Zoom sessions do not appear on the default agenda layout (when clicking on “Timetable” on the left Indico event menubar). They only show up (well and clearly) when switching to the “Indico style” theme – timetable url ending by"(…)?view=standard".
=> Is there a way to improve that? Either by making the Zoom sessions appear clearly on the default agenda layout, or by making the “Indico style” default!?
We are using Indico v2.3.5 provided by our home institution.
Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately this is currently not shown anywhere in the timetable for conference events. Clearly something that should be improved in a future version…

Just FYI, your institute needs to upgrade to 3.0.1. There won’t be any further 2.x releases, and it’s relying on a Python version (Python 2) that reached its end of life at the beginning of this year.

You could use a custom build with: