User list and delete user

How to get full list of users and delete a particular user. Please help me. our indico instance details are as follows.
Server default language (en_GB)
Indico version installed (2.0)
Python version used (2.7.5)
Postgres version used (9.6.6)

Hey, you could use the indico shell and then use some code to find and remove a user:

User.query.all() <- returns all the users
User.query.filter(criteria_here).one() <- find a user matching criteria

as soon as you get an instance of a User representing your user you can set is_deleted property to “delete it”

user.is_deleted = True

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It is possible to list all of the users on the GUI end? I am trying to clean my users and see if there are any roles such as speakers, submitters, conveners and etc. associate with the user account. May I know how to go about with that? Thank you.



unfortunately there is no easy way to do that using the web interface of Indico. I think it would be better
to write a custom script to do exactly what you need. It shouldn’t be too hard since most of the data that you probabably need is accessible from the User class ( So it is a matter of finding a specific user and then looking at its relationships to other objects/entities.