User / admin management (using LDAP?) - editing events


I know we can integrate LDAP with Indico - haven’t done it yet, but told it is possible.

Looking at the system ‘as is’ - it seems that ANY admin user can edit ANY event.

will this change with LDAP?

  1. we ONLY want users to be able to edit events they OWN ??

  2. Ideally, we would like any user WITHIN a group, as long as that user has admin rights, to be able to EDIT any event owned by any user in that group??

Will / can LDAP do all of this for me?

if the answer is yes, then although i have read the notes in the documentation, is there any other notes available, as i have no real idea where to start!


I don’t think this is LDAP-related at all…

  • Indico admins are like root: They can do anything. Only give this privilege to people who need it (ie. the people managing the whole Indico instance)
  • Category managers have full access to anything in their category and subcategories
  • Event managers have full access only in their event. When you create an event, that’s what you get there as the creator of the event.

cheers for that.

Just to clarify one thing - ONLY ADMIN CAN CREATE AN EVENT

is that statement true?

Nope, that statement is far from true.

Check the “protection” settings in your category; you can configure if everyone (who can see the category) can create events or not (if not, you can specify who, in addition to category managers, can create events there).

ah - even better :slight_smile: - thanks for that