Use of python flask for interfacing indico with other applications

We want to access data about today’s, tomorrow’s events from indico and send this information to other app through flask API.How we can do this ?

Please see the documentation for Indico’s HTTP API. You can use it to retrieve the information you are looking for and then handle them in any way you want.

can we search the events day wise? if so what is the URL format for searching the events day wise ? - the from and to arguments are probably what you are looking for.

yes, we tried the from and to arguments but all url requires the event name or ID for search but we are trying to get the events by day or date without knowing name or id.

Use the category exporter:

the url links are not working without event ID or name, will you please give us an example file for extracting all events data directly from indico database ?

if you want it regardless of category, use category 0 which is the root category.