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Hi guys,

we are using indico the first time to organize a conference and in general we are very happy.
But at the moment we have problem, we are not sure how to solve:
The conference papers will be published in one book by our University’s library. They want a Declaration of Consent of every author. Has anyone of you managed something like this before? The best way would be to upload the Declaration with the Paper, but there is only the possibility to upload one file.

Thanks for your help,

Hi there,

Indico has a built-in “Agreements” module that can be used by plugins to implement this kind of behaviour. Here at CERN we’re using it to implement the “speaker release form” which has to be signed by every speaker before a recording of a meeting is made. I believe you could probably take some part of the code and, with a few, adaptations, turn it into a “Declaration of Consent” module. If you have anyone with the technical skills to do that, they can start from here:

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Hi @pferreir,

thank you for your quick response and the link to the module. I will ask around if someone of our IT can do this.