Support for moderated event creation


We have a use case at LAL that I’d like to handle with Indico. This is about the organization of the internal seminars at the lab. To streamline the process that currently involves an offline interaction with the seminar coordinator, we’d like to allow anybody in the lab to be able to create a “tentative seminar” based on the Indico calendar availability and have the coordinator validating the “tentative entry” before its appears in the calendar of events. Something somewhat similar to the “pre-reservation” workflow for room booking but applied to events.

Is it a feature that is considered for a future Indico version ?


Yes, a moderation workflow for event creation depending on the category is indeed something we would like to add at some point.

Actually, the plan is to have something similar to Doodle, whereby people are invited to vote on time slots and a final decisions is taken based on the feedback.

@pferreir what you mention is quite different from what I was speaking about. I don’t want to submit an event to a vote. Even if the use case is different, it is very much along the line of mentioned by @ThiefMaster (I should have checked!).


Indeed. Sorry, I misunderstood the original use case. That sounds like an interesting scenario too.