Sorting participants list

Hi everyone.

I’ve just notice (well…some user did in fact) the participant list are sorted by the first name Dark Matter and Stars: Multi-Messenger Probes of Dark Matter and Modified Gravity (3-5 May 2023): Participant List · Indico
That’s not very logic. Is they are any way to make the sorting by Last Name ? Or better with some js bloat :wink: make it editable by the visitor (something like click on the table header)


You can already click the table headers to change the sort order…

PS: When the first name column comes first, I think it makes lots of sense to order by that column first :wink:

Oh sh*t…I didn’t notice…very sorry

I find that a little strange (not the first column, but sorting with first name) but It’s ok for me.

Thanks and sorry for the noise.