Show real email addresses


When I set ‘Reminders’ for automatic email notifications for an event in Indico3.0.3. Fill in the event reminders ->Recipients ->Email addresses box with a@aa.zx,, c@aaa.aa Three addresses.

All three users of a,b,c can receive notifications automatically sent by indico, but the recipients in their email boxes are displayed as “Undisclosed recipients:;”

I hope to display real email addresses in the inbox of notified objects.

Thanks a lot for any help !!
Best regards,

First of all: 3.0.x is incredibly outdated. You need to update ASAP!

And I’m quite sure that in v3.1 we switched to sending reminders individually to the recipients’ email addresses instead of a single mail with everyone in BCC. So updating not only gives you a non-outdated version but also the feature you’re looking for! :wink: