Scheduling a poster by board number for multiple sessions

In our event, due to a large number of posters, we wanted to have each poster presented at two timeslot/sessions, each 2 hours long.

Right now, we simply do not schedule the posters and list the total time (4 hours) as the presentation time.

Will it be possible to schedule the same contribution in two sessions according to the board number? The board numbers have already been assigned through indico shell.

Alternatively, just so that we do not confuse the attendees – will it be possible to hide the “Not scheduled” notification on each poster abstract?


We’ve discussed several times having some way to include a contribution in more than one session but always concluded that it would create more problems than the ones it would solve. This is why we implemented contribution cloning, which while not an ideal solution, is better than nothing and doesn’t imply turning Indico’s object model upside-down.

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Thanks for the reply. I decided to simply hide the time information using this Javascript snippet.

// hide unscheduled time message, especially for posters
if ( $('.time-info')[0].innerHTML == 'Not scheduled' ) {
  $('.time-data')[0].innerHTML = ''