RuntimeError: Storage backend does not exist: legacy


(this is a rephrased request of my earlier post )

With Indico 3.1, I get the error as in subject line, for all events that were in 0.9x of Indico. The problem was not seen in Indico v2, all old uploads were served correctly.

For Indico v3,1, I have all old stuff in /opt/indico/legacy-archive/ the same as it was in Indico 2 . Permissions are as below:

(indico) [indico@indico ~]$ ls -ld /opt/indico/legacy-archive/
drwxr-xr-x. 18 indico nginx 204 Sep 25  2020 /opt/indico/legacy-archive/
(indico) [indico@indico ~]$

What should I do to resolve this?


Sounds like your config file is missing entries you had in there beforeā€¦ Did you not copy the config file from the previous system?

Anyway, what you need is this extra entry in STORAGE_BACKENDS:

'legacy': 'fs-readonly:/opt/indico/legacy-archive'

It works now. Yes, I had made a fresh install of V3.1 and had not copied the config file from earlier verison.