Room bookings complication in v2.2: confirmation override as permanent status, or multiple room owners?


until version 2.2 at ENEA Fusion department we managed the room booking as follows:

  • bookings require confirmation
  • room owner was a user associated with a mailing list address, in this way every pre-booking was notified to a list of users who were allowed to manage bookings (administrators in booking system)
  • one of the booking admins could go to the booking details by clicking the link in the email, and directly accept or reject it

Now what happens with the new system is that the booking admins don’t have the buttons to accept or reject on the single booking details popup, unless they select in advance the “admin override” button in the right menu.
The problem arises because the override is not a permanent condition for every new browser window or tab, as instead the “impersonating user” is. Due to that, even if one selects the “override” on an open window, clicking the link in the email opens a new window with the booking details popup where no override is active.

The link in the email is then useless unless is managed by the single user which is the room owner.
The only way to manage bookings for other admins is to look for pre-bookings in the calendar view and process them one by one, after enabling the override. This is quite annoying, in particular because booking managers are often secretaries who are not so happy to have their workflow complicated.

What I would like to have is either the possibility to maintain the status of “admin override” through all subsequently opened windows or tabs, or to have multiple owners for a room.

Could someone give me advice on how to restore a booking confirmation workflow like before?



The solution here is to add the people (or the group) who can accept bookings with management or override permissions to the rooms. Then they can accept bookings without admin override. (may take up to 15min to show up due to caching)

thanks ThiefMaster, you mean add people or a group to the details of each single room, in the lower left “user and group permission” list? Doesn’t it switch on the restricted mode for that room?

No, you can add people to the ACL without making the room restricted.

So for example, you can:

  • give some people the “book” permission so they can book without having to prebook first
  • give people the “moderate” permission so they can approve/reject prebookings

Thanks ThiefMaster, that totally solved my problem!