Room booking: user/group permissions attached to room

It is possible to define permissions attached to a specific room for users and groups. I tried to play with these permissions but I didn’t find how it is supposed to work. The things I tried to do are:

  • Give a user a right to edit the room characteristics without being a room booking administrator. For this I gave him the “Manage” right. But it doesn’t seem to work as I was expected. What is the “Manage” right doing at the room level?
  • Define a group/user with the right to do a direct reservation for a room where the default is pre-reservation. I assigned the “Book” right but again it didn’t have the expected effect. User/group still has to go through a pre-reservation.

I am not sure what the “Moderate” and “Override” rights are supposed to do…

Did I miss something?


Not possible yet, but we’ll need this at CERN soon, so it will most likely be coming in another 2.2.x release.

We cache each user’s permissions for all rooms for 15 minutes. Try again after that time.

We could improve this by explicitly invalidating this cache for any user explicitly listed in the room’s ACL, but maybe that’s overkill (and wouldn’t work for groups).

Thanks. I have no problem with the caching, just it would be good to have it mentioned somewhere as it impacts the testing! And it’s good to know that the room “Manage” right will be implemented but we can live without it for a while.