Room booking: how to specify that videoconf is available

I saw that in the standard room selection form you have a button for videoconference, webast or projector availability. But I don’t find in room settings where to declare that they are available. I added a few attributes but they don’t seem to be recognized matching these… and I didn’t find anything about these in the doc!

Thanks in advance for any hint!


Hi Michel, did you ever figure this one out? I’m having the same problem as you. I added equipment to my location and room that I called Projector, but this clearly did not do the trick.


A room that has an equipment type named “Video conference” is considered videoconference-capable.
In 2.2 we will change this to be more explicit (there you can define “room features” based on equipment types, so no need to use any specific name).

Ok, thanks. I guessed it should something like that. Can you tell me what it should be for a projector? Because that is the equipment that is in several of our rooms. As said, adding ‘Projector’ did not work.


Any of these will do:

  • Computer Projector
  • Video projector 4:3
  • Video projector 16:9

Thanks, that worked like a charm.

Do you know why the changed properties seem to take at least 15 minutes from the admin interface to the user interface? To be clear, when I change the maximum number of participants from a room (or another property) it takes at least 15 minutes before the room reservation picks up on these changes.


caching. will be gone in 2.2 as well (for anything but some permissions such as who can book a given room)