Room booking - creating the rooms

I’m new to indico.
I’m trying to use room booking but i can’t figure out how to create rooms.
any help is appreciated.

Go to the administration area of the room booking module (accessible via the sidebar or from the main admin area), you can create a location and then rooms there.

indico-room booking-menu-administration-i went to general settings and browsed the options there and didn’t find anything. also went to locations but there i always get an error with the syntax {building}/{floor}-{number}

Screenshot please… “getting an error” without seeing the actual error isn’t really helpful :confused:

also tried with , instead of / and -.
and i tried without the {}
am i in the right place?

Please leave the default there. This is creating a location, not a room. A location is e.g. “Foo University” or “CERN” or “Main Company Site”, and the room name format only specifies how the rooms in that location will be formatted. Leaving the default is generally fine.

Once you created the location, you can create the actual rooms within that location.

OMG. i feel so stupid. i actually was thinking if there should be a menu for creating the building first…

Don’t create individual locations for each building - a location can easily have many buildings. For example, at CERN we even use one single location for everything at CERN.