Room Booking configuration to send ics/Invitations or Blockings to external Groupware

Dear Indico-Support,

we are planning to use Indico for our Lectures/Events. Is it
possible that our self hosted indico sends Room Booking invitations to
our Resources in Groupware Zimbra.

thanks and kind regards


We don’t really have signals plugins could hook into when a room gets booked in the room booking module, but we could add some in 2.2 (where we improved and redesigned the room booking system a lot anyway).

In any case you would have to develop the plugin to do this kind of integration yourself. We’ll probably have a somewhat stable version of 2.2 in the next few weeks - so if you are going to develop this kind of plugin this would be the perfect opportunity since we could then add the necessary signals (e.g. “booking created” or “booking canceled”) in 2.2 before the first proper release.