Room booking arbitrary frequency and permission to reserve


I’m evaluating Indico room booking as a replacement for our old (and old fashioned) room booking system. I tried to enter a reservation for every other weeks but it seems impossible in the current room booking system (only every week is an option). I’m surprised: did I miss something? Or is it a new feature that will be available in the new version that should be delivered as part of 2.2?



“Every n days/weeks/months” repetition will only be possible as of 2.2.

This is probably a showstopper for us… hopefully 2.2 is not far!

Room booking in 2.2 will be much nicer in general, so if you can wait for some time it’ll be worth it for sure!

In fact I was considering testing it on a test instance. Do you think it makes sense to start with the current 2.2 branch or it is not yet at a stage where it makes sense?

It’s not really functional yet when it comes to actually creating bookings so it’s not really worth setting it up for now.

Another question related to the RB features: currently a room can be either public, that means open to reservation by any Indico user, or private (not clear for me, probably only the owner). In v2.2, will it be possible to define restricted rooms, that means rooms that can be booked by a group of persons, defined as an Indico group for example.

Considering how bad the current implementation for group-based restrictions is (via custom attributes that have special meaning) chances are very good that we will add proper ACLs, like it’s already the case e.g. for events and categories.

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In fact I realize that I didn’t suggest what I wanted to in my previous message. I think that what I described should be the behaviour for private rooms which should be restricted by default to their owner but could have a wider list of people allowed book it.

restricted rooms should be a little different: a listed group of persons should be able to book it without a confirmation and the others should be able to pre-book it only.