Reviewing Abstracts: Reviewer, Abstract Judge, Event manager


we set up the reviewing process already and the roles to the reviewing area in “Call for abstarcts” - “Reviewing” - “Roles”

Reviewers - can review in their respective track
“Convener”* - can review and judge in their respective track
*thats how the button is called

Problem: The reviewer can´t see the other reviews within their track.
But here Reviewing Abstracts - Learning Indico in minute 2:00 - 2:40 it seems that we have different wording/rights for the roles?

Reviewers - can review in their respective track
Convener - can see all reviews within the track, but can´t judge?
Event Manager - can judge

Where can I find this set up? Or did I got it wrong? Does Convener = Event Manager

Thanks a lot, Julia

Convener is a role you can assign, just like Reviewer. Reviewers can indeed only see their own reviews; you need to make them Conveners if they should see other reviews.

By default conveners cannot judge, but we have a setting to give them the ability to judge as well.

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