Review results available to authors


  1. Is it possible to show the authors the feedback received from the reviewers? It seems authors could receive only the comments from judges. It would be very useful that the judge could include the answers/comments cast by reviewers into his final comment to authors.

  2. Some reviewers are asking for the possibility to annotate the pdfs of papers and make it available as a feedback to authors. Is it possible?

We are using Indico 2.2.8

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  1. There’s no option to show detailed review information to authors. Is this something common in your environment?

  2. No, unfortunately we currently do not have an option to include an attachment with comments when making a review.

PS: Your Indico version is massively outdated (released in April 2020) - you should update to v3 ASAP.

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Yes, it is quite common (in our environment) to give the feedback to authors. This is especially needed when the reviewers ask for changes (which is the case for our on-going conference review process). The judge could copy-paste the text comments (though this is a tedious process), but there seem to be no way to pass the answers to questions of type rating or YES/NO.
Is there any chance for this functionality to be implemented in the future?