Reusing the Registration form


Is it possible to re-use the registration form defined in one event, in another?

In other words - can the registration forms be “templated” and re-used in other parts of the system, or instances of conferences/lectures/meetings?


P.S. I am 2-days “new” to Indico

You can clone an event with registration forms.

That’d clone the entire event, though, correct? I can’t clone the Registration form(s) only, right?

You can specify which things you want to clone :wink:

Any idea why it’s forcing Chairpersons and Reminders in the Clone?

How can I also make it Clone now instead of having to specify a date (for Clone Once) at the final step?

The date is when the cloned even will start - the cloning operation itself is always immediate.

If the option is disabled, then there’s no data to clone. The state of the checkbox itself only indicates the default value in this case.